Steel Rule Dies

United Finishing & Die Cutting, Inc. has a complete, in-house die design, production and sample making department. Our dies are high quality and competitively priced.

For fast service, E-Mail your digital files to us at We can receive and send in multiple formats including; DXF, CIM, AI, DWG & EPS.

Computer Aided Design: Cimex Cimpack

United Finishing & Die Cutting, Inc. uses Cimex CimPack 12.0 software for its die layout and design.

Once your die is designed, the layout can be sent to our Sample maker for a near production quality sample or directly to our GERBER PROFILE for die production.

Gerber Profile Die Tool Production System

Once a die is designed using our CIMEX CimPack software , it is sent to our GERBER PROFILE for production.

The GERBER, with it's computerized routing system, cuts a die board with the precision of laser without the environmental concerns associated with laser.

The GERBER'S unique routing technology is fast, accurate and results in a flatter die board and tighter knife fit.