Transfer tape (or Kleen-stick) can be applied by hand or machine. It offers either a firm or removable bond, depending on the application.

Automated Taping Specs
  • Maximum Flat Sheet Size is 36" X 41"
  • Minimum Flat Sheet Size is 6" X 6" (Taping minimum is 2" X 4")
  • Optimal Running Thickness is .008" to .014"
Common Tape Sizes
  • 1/4" Adhesive with 1/2" Backer
  • 1/2" Adhesive with 3/4" Backer
  • 3/4" Adhesive with 1" Backer
Common Tape Adhesives
  • Permanent/Permanent
  • Permanent/Removeable

The ranges shown above are general guidelines for optimal running. If your project falls outside any of the above ranges, please consult with us for complete information. If applying aqueous or other coatings, also consult with tech support regarding coating compatibility with glues and tapes. General rule on glue tabs: "If in doubt, knock it out!"